Thoughts on "Songs In A Lifetime"

What is this whole "Songs In A Lifetime" - thing all about?


Although I have not been part in the "big" music business for a long time now, I have already grown tired of some of its aspects the artists have to face day by day. It is not my intention to start a discussion at this point about all the things going on, so I will just keep my mouth shut - for the moment : )


In the beginning, in summer 2017 "Songs In A Lifetime" was just the idea to approach this whole artist-songwriter-musician thing in a completely different way. I realized, like many many times before, that about 20-30 songs, some already finised, some just existing as lyrics & chords, were lying hidden in the corners of my mind (and harddrives, haha) and slowly becoming dusty.

Instead of starting the "industry standard" music production machinery with the final goal of making an EP or album, I came up with the long-term idea of releasing one song per month.

With "Songs In A Lifetime" I'd like to give a constant insight in an artist's, musician's & producer's mind and the way of creating art.


At this starting point of whatever there is to come I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Joe Ehrhardt at a2k Media & Music for providing the platform for the "Songs In A Lifetime"-releases and supporting this crazy idea of mine.


Of course there will be some thoughts on the individual songs as well, so keep your eyes and ears and minds open for future signs of life : )


Yours, Jonas

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