# 1/2019 - A Name turs to stone

The grass is green they say and rain comes from above

A truth so simple to accept is nothing much

Black or white is just diversity of light

But there's a kind of darkness, merciless, when death ignites


The pain is heavy, creeping death awaites you sure

The sickness, devils breed, you're lost, there is no cure

Nothing ever will reveal it till you feel

The seed of evil in your world grow to agony


A mind goes insane  

All wealth means nothing
As time flies away  

Regardless of prayers

End of every thought - bringing you hell
Stiking ramdomly - eating your shell
Hell on earth as every dawn brings up the pain
When your demons found you, motionless with frozen stare
None can save you, in the end we die alone
All our legacy reduced and turned to stone

A mind goes insane  

All wealth means nothing

As time flies away  

Regardless of prayers


A life all in vain

Your fame means nothing

At the end of it all

Man turns to stone


At the end of it all our names turn to stone...

# 8/2018 - Nightmare

I awake to see
Every day's insanity
We are lost
Our souls incomplete
Dark days impend
Failing lasts until the end
We are here
Blind and forsaken

And beyond the black cloud of fear
More to see than your eyes reveal

     This is a nightmare
     Save your soul, I'm paralyzed
     All is lost beyond recall within delusion


     You cannot reach me
     Save your soul, I'm hypnotized
     Another song just faded into silence
     Another day just faded to black

Through endless nights
Fear is always by my side
Where I stand
A young man was dying
When angels fall
We will follow by their call
Where we've been
Nobody left crying

And beyond the black cloud of fear
More to see than your eyes reveal

     This is a nightmare...

This is a nightmare, save your soul
I have been waiting for too long
This is a nightmare, save your soul
Only hope will make me strong

     This is a nightmare...

# 7/2018 - SNOW

Once upon a time this life was mine
A determined soul with peace of mind
Once upon a time the strangers came
They promised gold, eternal fame

Once upon a time a little boy
Dreamt a journey to the stars
Now the grown up man is lost by chance
Wishes came to life at last, evolving from the the past

    But quiet and peaceful
    As the snow falls bringing the night
    Taking away the sorrows I fear
    As the snow falls my clouded mind's
    Resting until the morrow's closing in again

In the maze of daily grind I feel
Reduced to numbers in the line
In the haze of all the in-betweens
Feeling stuck in lack of time

Oh, in another life I dream of you
Kissing sorrows off my cheeks
Once upon a time, so close to you
Far away now, hurt is deep, keeping me from sleeping

    But quiet and peaceful...

In the shade of these days
Through the grey of these days
In the dark of these nights
There's a hope that still flies

    But quiet and peaceful...

# 6/2018 - Inside A Cloud

A dream inside a cloud will never fade
A tear inside a cloud won’t cast a shade

   We breathe aeons untold as life unfolds
   We reach for skies they’re so cold
   Empires reload
   The clouds behold...

The truth inside a cloud floats save within
A life inside a cloud not free from sin

   We breathe aeons untold as life unfolds
   We reach for skies they’re so cold
   Dead gods reload
   The clouds behold…

A pain inside a cloud won't come to life
In vain inside a cloud we won't arrive
We won't arrive
We won't arrive...

# 5/2018 - Circle Of The Dawn

They took her away, I'm bound to stay, alone with my memories
I left her alone, they found our home, endless the misery
Why am I the one supposed to be strong in view of the devil
God, what have I done – to carry on a hopeless endevour


Thought I've seen it all
Althought we had known before
We promised, nevermore shall we surrender


Black is my mind, eyes folded blind, vengeance inside me
Hate rising inside, be now my guide, help me to pass through the night


   From the sky salvation falls
   Aeons pass, we're standing tall
   Facing the demons
   Fighting their will to prevail

   A hundret years I give it all
   Lost my love, still holding on
   Fighting the shadows
   Until the morning unveils we prevailed


Walking the streets with barren feet, the ruins of my life
They shattered my dreams, lonely I scream...
Dazed, lost and confused searching the truth, where is the answer
This fighting for life, no end in sight, solving this mission devine


I'll be never free
From my devine destiny
Ends in agony
Release on the day I die

# 4/2018 - Starchild

I can't talk to you
But deep inside my heart always cries to you
Can you hear me?
I see you
Everywhere I go
You are haunting me

   Stars in your eyes erase
   This frozen smile on my face
   In this cold world who knew
   Is there redemption in you?

I thought I knew
That nowhere in my barren cold world
Could be someone like you
But here you are
The fetters of my heart are just broken
You have torn them apart

   Stars are hiding tonight
   In my cold world no light
   Someone find me out there
   I lost my way - but you never cared

# 3/2018 - Teenage Lovelorn

Little girl, sitting all alone
By the window, watching frozen teardrops fall
Reflecting on a time not long ago
The life she had, and why she's here now on her own

Another night wide awake in bed
She weeps in darkness, all alone
She won’t forget this one
She yearns for daylight, for a place to hide away
From all the nightmares and the face that she is haunted by

   I've been running - all the way I've come before
   I've been hiding - down inside I feel no more
   I've been bleeding - all my dreams were torn apart
   I've been screaming - no one here to save my heart

Little boy in a frozen world
Lost in dark thoughts
Regardless of the time that’s passing by
Drunken nights to leave the day behind
When love expired, a long, long time ago…

# 2/2018 - The Void

Frozen tears
On the ground beneath my feet
Melting under angers heat
But they consist of poison

Life is gone
Silence now is all alone
A glass world within time is born
But one day it will break down

   And then the nothingness within
   The void is calling me
   Nothing's left to live for
   My void is saving me

Life is drowned
Fullmoon lights the sky for now
The souls of wolves are crying out
Filling emptieness with sorrow

# 1/2018 - Next Day (About the cat and me)

I had a dream tonight, it felt so real I woke up crying
As I realized it drifting away by the break of day

I had a dream tonight of you and me in starry skies
A stolen kiss in secret twilight, next day we went our separate ways, I died

And like every time this chance just passes by...

    Save me from this broken lonely shadow I become
    Make me feel love within this suffocating emptiness again
    Heal me

Was this a dream tonight? A manifesto of the pain inside?
I struggle hard to keep it save in mind, a secret wish, so kind and daring

Here alone I sit and muse weather this affects us both
Do you feel the same affection? Faded feelings’ resurrection.

    Let me save you from this broken lonely shadow you become
    I’ll make you feel love within this suffocating emptiness again  
    I’d heal us both

    Reach for me in your dark and lonely days let me be your flame
    Deep inside
    To you keep you warm and save throughout your darkest nights
    A little while